Are you on the look to get some more awsome bass lures, or your current lures is not working? Then check out thes review that i made.

1. Rose Kuli Lifelike Bass Lure

This Beautiful lure has a multi jointed body thats is connected with textile fabriks that allows this lure to wiggle from side to side to replecate how a real fish would normaly swim.

It has 3D realistic looking eyes and a body with beatufil coulurs to blend in as a normal fish, with the larger tongue disgn it will make the lure float at the top of the water when thown in.

Its a  reusable environment protective largemouth crankbait, they come in different colors and patterns to match any environment. It has an built in gravity ball to help you raise the throwing distance and it will produce a sound to attract the big predators, the lure will go about 4ft in dive depth. Streamlined design will reduce win resistance when you throw the lure.

This is a must have lure in any fishing lure collection

If you want to find out more or buy the lure the Amazon link is down bellow.

2. Plussino

PLUSINNO are metal spinner Lures that works really good on both Bass and Trout. This spesific kit inlcoudes 16pcs of spinners in a big variarity of coulors and patterns for all types of water and brightness.

The spinners comes with sharp treble hooks with brightly colored strike attactor sleeves. They have a well designed blade that is shaped so it will spin like a propeller that provides continuous flashes and vibrations, and they work perfectly in both freshwater and saltwater.

This spinner has a really good quality for the amount of money they cost.

Amazon Link down bellow.

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