Night fishing is always just as fun to be doing, it needs a little bit more equipment and knowledge to do than regular day fishing, but it can be worth it to see all the predators hunting at night time.

What baits are best at night?

All kinds of topwater lures are a great choice for any nighttime fishing, any type of lure that makes a disturbance on the surface of the waterworks well, for example, poppers, frogs, spooks or prop baits that float. 

One awesome bait that is popular to use at night is the buzz baits, since it is a loud, noisy bait with a lot of cracking you can basically throw it anywhere in the water and the fish will instantly hear it.

poppers are also a very good bait to use at night time when you want your lure to be heard, you will throw out your popper and reel it back in, meanwhile, every time you snap your rod it will make a splashing sound in the water attracting the fish.

Jigs will work just as great in the daytime as in the night, some times the fish you are trying to get is located in the bottom, then there is no better option than the jig. Get a nice big jig and let it sinks to the bottom, and when you reel it up give it some pops with your rod to make it bounce at the bottom to make some sounds.

You also want to have the right color, sizes, and proper gear with you, that and more is what I will tell you down below if you keep reading.

What Color Of The Bait Is Best For Night Fishing?

When you have low lighting conditions colors will fade to gray because color perception is one of the things that will get lost when it’s getting dark. Think of the contrast the lure will have to its surroundings. 

So if you use a black lure and the fish is swimming under it, the only thing brighter than the lure is going to be the night sky, therefore the black lure will stick out from the fish view. When place your fishing lure at the bottom instead the same principle will be used, if the bottom is black the best contrast to that would be white. 

But if you still don’t get any bites just try every color that you have with you to see what color works best, maybe something else will do the trick that time.

What Size Of Lures Is Best?

Usually, when you are out night fishing you want to choose either a smaller topwater lure because its main function is to make noises so size doesn’t matter here. But if you are fishing with a big jig or a worm a hungry bass will for sure want a piece of that when they spot it.

Different Types Of Lures

Topwater Baits

Anything that makes a noise, splashes, or any kind of sound is just a great lure for night fishing, Since bass and some other fishes don’t see so good in the dark this kind of lure will come in very handy. I have heard that black is the go-to color for topwater lures.

There are many different kinds of topwater lures, some of the most popular kinds are, Popper’s witch I love, Frogs, Spooks, and just any kind of lure that makes any kind of disturbance will work just fine


Jigs are perfect for when you want to find the bass when they are located in the bottom of the water, then there is hard to get a better lure then a fat jig, black or blue colored will work out just fine. Try to find a jig with a craw style with arms sticking out to make any kind of disruption at the bottom to pick up the fish interest.

Make Noises Or Be Quiet?

If you are fishing in the daytime there is usually a lot of noise and distractions around, like traffic, other people, boats, and such. When you are out at night and there is complete silence you have the chance to use that silence to your advantage by using a lure that splashes water, makes sounds, has a crackling bell in it to make any kind of disturbance to attract the fish. 

At the same time being out with your friends at night when it’s dark, throwing out some jigs, and fish and relax in the silence could work out just as well as using a topwater lure. So I think you should try out both techniques and see what you enjoy the most.

Come To The Fishingspot Early

being at the fishing spot early can be worth it, you can check out the location, plan out where you think you might get some catches before it gets too dark, and you can also cast a thew lures now with some more bright-colored baits to so if anything bites.

Don’t Go Night Fishing Alone

Try to always bring a friend out with you at night time, you don’t want to get in a bad situation alone, anything can happen on the water. If you still go alone then you must at least tell someone where you are going and at what time you are expected to come back.

What Kind Of Fish Is Best To Catch At Night?

Some popular fish to catch at night are Pike, Trout, Yellow Perch, Walleye and Carp


The best methods for fishing pike are either with noisy and vibrating lures or sometimes fishing with baitfish. 

if you get to your fishing location early when the sun is still up you want to search for some shallower water. Pike seems to rest and feed at night seeking out some shallower grounds closer to the shore.

Yellow Perch

They have very limited vision so if you want to fish perch in the nighttime a loud and noisy lure is essential. Fishing perch when there is a bright full moon will also help them to see your lure better.


They mostly like to feed when they can see the prey they are going after, so when there is pitch black outside it can usually get hard to get any bites. So thy to go after trout when you have a beautiful full moon that lights up the night. Then the trout will have it much easier recognizing the lure.


With walleyes it’s a different story, the chances to catch them are usually higher at night. That is because they have very good night vision from their photosensitive eyes. So because they have so sensitive eyes it’s making them harder to see in the daytime with so much light.

The walleye also likes to move up to the more shallow waters during nighttime to hunt for prey, so go out to your fishing location before the sun sets and locate a good spot close to the shoreline.


They can be caught just as good in the nighttime as in the daytime, they are much more active when it’s warmer outside so doesn’t bother trying to catch any carps in the winter.

Gears You Need To Bring When You Are Night Fishing

Fishing at night can be a safety risk, so make sure that you do everything that you can to prevent something from going wrong, here av some essential things that can help you out when you are going night fishing.

  • A headlamp and some extra flashlights just in case.
  • Extra batteries for the flashlights.
  • First aid kit.
  • A fully charged cell phone.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Pocket knife.

Prepare Everything Before you Go Out

Before you even leave your home, or just when you arrive at the fishing spot when you still have some sunlight outside it’s always a good idea to get all your rods and lines in order and set up your lures. You don’t want to be struggling with all your hooks and fishing line when it’s pitch black outside.

Is Night Fishing Safe For Kids?

Yes, as long as you know what you are doing, have good lighting, and are always on the lookout you will be just fine bringing your kids with you.

If your kids have experience fishing during the sessions they can throw any kind of lure they like. If they are more in the beginning stages start with a single hook lure, they are much easier to handle. 

Remember to always prepare your rods and lures when you get to the fishing spot and the sun is still up so you don’t have to tie knots and struggle with the lures at all. Also if you have, it can be good to carry an extra fishing rod as a backup just in case something happens.

Make sure that you are bringing your first aid kit with you, warm and waterproof clothes, and some drinks and snacks.

If you are fishing from a pier or a boat then always use life west, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Do You Need A Fishing Card To Be Fishing At Night?

This will vary depending on what part of the country you are currently in, but most states allow you to get a cheaper fishing card at night. Some areas even allow free fishing all night. Look up your area to get information about your specific lake.

Fishing In The Daytime Compared To The Night Time


There will always be more people out fishing in the daytime when the sun is up than during the night. So if you are a person that likes the dark quiet night then you should try this out. Imagine going out to your favorite spot and have it all to yourself, and no other fisherman making any kind of noise to scare the fish.


Fishing in the sun can be fun and relaxing to do, but when you have been standing in the hot sun with no shadow for thew hours it won’t be so fun anymore. This is one of the things you will get away from at night. you can’t stand for hours in end with no heat problem

Fly Fishing At Night

This is going to be a lot trickier than just regular fishing, if you aren’t a very experienced fly fisherman then imagine doing it with hardly any vision at all. The easiest way to do this is you either stand in the water up to your knees or in a boat, away from all the trees, bushes, and weeds so you won’t have anything near you that your fly could get stuck in. If you would get stuck in something with your fly anyway then remember to always turn the other way when you are trying to pull it out and make sure that you are wearing protective glasses as well.

Bring a very good headlamp with you with a wide-angle, and there are also fly fishing lines that glow in the dark that will for sure help you out if you are new to fly fishing. Try to always make a small splash landing when you are throwing to get the fish’s attention and the reel in with a pattern of slow and fast and also pausing between to let the fly sink a little.

You have a good chance to catch more fish when you are fly fishing at night. You will have almost no competition almost all of the time, and the larger fish will be hunting for food more actively.

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