I was thinking to myself the other day when I was digging around in the mud. What is the best and easiest way to gather worms for fishing? So I decided to look it up and share with all of you guys the best tips and tricks that I found out.

When you are looking to catch worms, its best to do it when it’s raining, you can even water your own lawn to trick the worms that it’s raining. You can use the cardboard method or you could just build your own complete worm farm to sustain worms for a long time. More of this down below.

Worms is a really good bait for fishing, they are a much better choice than artificial baits. You don’t have to stop by the store and by some small quantities and overpaying them, catching the worms by your self isn’t as hard as you might think. 

The Different Types Of Worms

There are around 182 different kinds of earthworms only in North America, but you just want to look out for 2 specific kinds of worms that are especially useful to you.

The European Night Crawler

This kind of worms grows to be around 6 inches long, and they usually have a diameter of a pencil. They have blue, pink-grey color with bands or stripes on them. The end of the worms is usually light yellow or grey.

And these worms are especially good for fishing because they really keep on wiggling for a long time while they are underwater, and that will attract many more fishes.

Red Worms

The Red Worms are also called as red wiggler worms, and these worms are much smaller than the European Night Crawlers. But they are just as good for fishing most fishes.

Catch Worms

Now that you are ready to catch your worms, and know what kind you want to look for. Go ahead and grab a bucket, and put a little bit of soil in it, about one or two inches. This will be the worms new home until you need the worms.

Where To Find The European Night Crawlers

These worms love all garden soils and lawns. They can also be found in dead plant material on the ground. The crawlers usually live deeper in the ground than Red Worms does. This kind of worms can be found down to 6.5 feet under the ground.

But don’t worry, just looks for fallen leaves or decaying material on the bank, the worms will most likely hang out there. Just dig into the soil or mud with a shovel and you should definitely find some worms easy.

Where To Find The Red Worms

Red Worms are much easier to find than the crawlers, that tend to stay close to the surface as much as possible, or sometimes even on top of the ground. You usually don’t even have to dig anything to find these worms. Just look for decaying plant material and search there.

Dig Up Worms

When you are away from home to go fishing and you need to dig up some worms at the spot, then look for a stream if you have one nearby. Go there and look for fallen leaves and other decaying materials on the bank. If you go and search there you will most likely find worms really fast. Just dig right into the soil with a shovel, you can also look under the logs and rocks if you didn’t bring a shovel with you.

Catch Worms During And After Rain

The best time to go out and search for worms is when it’s raining really heavy. There are a couple of reasons why that is the case when the rain pours down hard, their tunnels will start to fill up with water. Worms breathe through their skin, if their tunnels become flooded, they will drown. 

And they also can move easily when they are on the surface, but they need to stay moist, so the wet ground is perfect for traveling, even if they are risking getting eaten by a bird.

Make It Rain

As i said, worms love the rain. So if it doesn’t rain, you can make it rain yourself. Just before it starts to get dark, you can simply just wet your entire lawn just enough to soak the ground. Once it gets dark, you should be able to go outside with a flashlight and easily catch a bunch of worms that are enjoying the water. But they may only poke up from the ground, and dig back in if you are trying to reach them. So a shovel would be recommended. 

Catch Worms Using Cardboard

This is by far the easiest and comfortable way of catching worms, the good thing about this technique is that you will catch worms while you sleep. All you need to have is a piece of cardboard. Moisten it up by watering it with a garden hose or a watering can. Place it out flat on the ground, and leet it sits outside for the entire night, and when you come out again in the morning, you just want to lift the piece of cardboard up and it should be crowded with worms underneath. The worms are attracted to cardboard for some reason.

What You Shouldn’t Do

You don’t want to use soapy water on your ground that some people say will attract the worms, as it can ruin your lawn completely on a hot day. Or use some other strange chemical for that matter, remember that healthy and strong worms are the best worms. You don’t want to spend all that time gathering worms, and before you even start to go fishing, the worms start to die off.

How Do I Store Worms

Here you have gathered all the worms that you need, and you want to store them short term, it is really easy. All that you need to have is a small styrofoam cooler, a little bit of dirt. Some people pour out a little bit of organic food waste, or some cornmeal from time to time so that the worms will stay healthy and happy short term.

If you want to store your worms long term I would suggest that you build your own dedicated worm farm, so that the worms will thrive and stay healthy.

Make A Worm Farm

If you treat the worms well they will start to reproduce. They must be kept at the right temperature and treated right.

You want to find a good location for your worm farm, not too cold, or too hot. Build a worm bin, make a bin from a plastic tote works just fine, just make sure that the bin has air holes, draining holes, and a lid. Buy your self some worms from your local fishing store, or dig up some worms yourself, whatever works best for you.

Set up your bedding, pure peat moss, for example, makes excellent bedding. You want to make sure that the bedding is moist and stir it until it feels like a squashed sponge. Place your worms on top of the bedding and let them dig in. Remember to feed your worms a few times a week with just kitchen scraps and gardening waste.

Whenever you need to go out to fish now, just grab a thew worm from your farm, it’s super easy to sustain the population. 

Every three to six months you want to harvest some of the materials from the bin. Leave the worms in the bin meanwhile. The bedding that you filled up the bin with from the beginning will gradually start to be replaced by worm poop. This material is filled with nutrients and good bacteria that plants love. Pour the worm poo into your garden and your potted plants to give them some good fertilizer.

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