Fishing pike from the shore is very fun and easy to do because of the pike’s big size, aggressive bites, and they give a good fight reeling them up. you also don’t need to own a boat and you got all the space you need for your fishing gear. 

Should You Pike Fish From Shore?

Yes! I think you should try fishing pike from the shore if you haven’t tried it out yet. It’s super easy to get started with and you can do this in every fishing lake that has pike in them. 

The best time of the day to go out and fish for pike is days with good sun covering the water, early mornings, and also late evenings before it gets dark. That is because pikes are fish with very good color perception and good sight.

Fan cast, when you are fishing for a pike from the shore you want to cover as much water as possible, first, try and throw your lure alongside the shore to see if any hungry pike is lurking in the shallow water. Then go from one side to the other and throw your lure in a big fan angle in front of you covering all of the water in your area where you’re standing. If you don’t get any bites then repeat this process or change your lure and try it again.

It,s also very important to change up the color of your lures, try all the colors you have, not just the bright ones, try some dark ones too. Just to switch up and see what the pike likes.

You also want to be fishing pike at the right time of the year, use the correct fishing line, and have the best kind of lures for pike fishing.

Tips For Fishing Pike From Shore

Wire Leader

Pike have a good set of sharp teeth making them have a good chance of biting through a regular fishing line. So to avoid that sad moment of losing both a good-sized pike and also your fishing lure at the same time I like to use a 15-20 pound wire leader for a good-sized pike.

There are some situations when you don’t need a wire leader fishing pike. That is when you are using stick baits and 3 hooked plugs, then the pike will usually bite in the back of the lure avoiding the fishing line.

Loud Or Quiet Lures

Pike tends to like noisy lures as well as silent ones. getting a pike with a popper in calm water is super fun.

What Fishing Line To Use

Pike are usually very strong and will not give up in the first round, to help prevent your fishing line from snapping you should at least pick a 15 to 20-pound braided line.

If you know that there are some really big pikes where you are fishing, and you have a reel the can deal with the pressure you can even use up to a 30 to 40-pound braided line.

More Fishing Techniques For Fishing Pike

Pike loves to hide in any kind of vegetation to sit and wait for their prey to swim by. They have a long thin body type that is perfect for hunting down prey through the tight weeds. So when you are going after pike, try to throw your lure alongside the shallower weedy areas, just try not to get your lure stuck. 

Pike are known to be aggressive fish, so it should not take so long to find out if you have found the right spot that the pike is sitting and luring at, so if something doesn’t bite your lure after a couple of throws then change the area and cast near to cover as much water as possible, and don’t get greedy by thinking that you have found the home of a giant pike just by the looks of the weeds at that area, it could be empty and you are just wasting your time casting your lure into the weeds.

It can be a good idea to use only bigger size lures, pike is not known to back off if their prey is too big, and they can be spotted much further away at the same time. The other good thing about only using big lures is that the smaller pike and other types of fish that you don’t want to bite on your hook will more likely back of. That means if something is biting your lure it’s a good chance you got a big old pike in that lure.

Getting The Pike Up From The Water

If you have ever gotten a pike before then you know that they are super slimy and slippery, so using a good big fishing net can make the difference of getting the pike up from the water or not even if you are fishing from the shore. Then use a pair of long needle-nose pliers to carefully remove the hook from the pike.

What part of the year is best for pike fishing?

The best time of the year to be fishing pike is during fall when the temperature is starting to drop, then the pike starts to become more active. If you are pike fishing in the summer I have found that the best time of the day to be out is when the sun starts to go down and the summer heat slowly goes away. Pike tends to be much less active if it’s too hot for them.

Keep The Pike Or Throw It Back In The Water

Pike is not usually a fish that you go after to take home and eat, but if you get a good size one you can for sure take it home and cook something good with it. Just make sure that it’s not too small or too big.

If you get a small pike then it’s best to throw it back into the water then you might get the same fish on the hook when it has gained some size. 

The really big pikes are usually not tasty at all because of their old age, it’s just really fun to get them on the hook for the sport.

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