There is a number of things to look for when you are getting some new crankbaits, the weight, spoon, and what size and color it has. Depending on what you are fishing, and what the color the water has you need to change up your lures accordingly.

Remember that the best fishing tip is to always try to switch up your lures if you aren’t getting any bites. Just try a whole bunch of different colors and sizes to try to attract the fishes. And be patient because it will bite eventually.

Keep in mind that most expansive Crankbaits out there aren’t the best baits at all. You can find just the same (or even better) baits from Amazon and other stores.


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These are some really cheap Crankbaits compared to some of the other baits out there, still coming through with awesome quality. They have been getting just awsome reviews all over the internet.

They are good for fishing around rocks, stumps, and other water hazards. Every lure you get has a split ring to tie your fishing line to. They are made out of hard plastic internal bearing rattles, solid paint job.

One negative thing is that the hooks they come with could be a little sturdier, (can be easily replaced at home), but all and all they are a really good lure.

wLure Minnow Crankbait

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These are some really good looking lures. impressive lifelike patterns and colors. They come with Eagle claw-shaped treble hooks that make it 125% sharper, and they will never rust in saltwater as well.

The baits are from a China-based global retailer, producing them at a really low cost by eliminating unnecessary costs and delivering the lowest possible cost to the customers. They still produce top quality on all of their lures.

A-SZCXTOP Crankbait

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A good looking, really cheap lure that works perfectly. Can be used both in freshwater and saltwater fishing. They have a realistic fish pattern with life-like bait swimming action.

If you fish with this bait and you wiggle your rod when you are reeling the bait back in, it will swim perfectly like an injured baitfish.
It also has a steel ball inside them that will create noise and commotion that the fishes will find very attractive and interesting. They have a high quality to them, with a durable ABS construction. The lures will come with 2 treble hooks as stock, but they can be easily replaced if you want some hooks with better quality.

These Crankbaits aren’t just good when you are fishing bass, this works perfectly for catfish, snakehead, perch, dogfish, etc, making it a good all-around lure for most occasions to a very good price.

Sougayilangs Crankbaits

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These are some good looking life-like crankbaits, they come in a big variety of colors that you can choose from. They have very good designed 3d eyes to simulate a real baitfish.

Can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. These crankbaits also has a little steel ball inside them that seems to be working well to attract fishes.

The lure has both flat and solid body construction that helps you to get the longest casting distance as possible. It will also be able to swim much deeper when it lands in the water due to its form.
No matter how quick you reel it in after you cast the lure, it will make a nice tight vibration to it, this will attract most species of fish.

Proberos Crankbaits

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This is a high-quality fishing lure that can be very useful and fun to have in your fishing bait collection. Its a really good all-round lure that works on a lot of different fishes. They work just as well in freshwater as in saltwater, they also have a nice attracting laser pointed body that provides a life-looking appearance, and 3d eyes to fully simulate a baitfish.

The lure is made in environmentally friendly materials with high-performance ABS material, which is very durable and long-lasting. They come equipped with two high carbon steel treble hooks they work just fine, but if you are going out for the bigger fishes then you can just easily put on your own hooks.

Maintain And Store Your Crankbaits

To avoid the annoying moment as most fishermen have been through when you are getting your lure and the hooks get tangled up with 6 other lures, I have a little trick for that.

Just use small rubberbands, use it to pull all the hooks on your crankbait together, and then lock it so it won’t move anywhere. Do this to all of your lures and you should never experience this problem again.