There is a lot of different jigs out there that come to a whole bunch of different shapes and colors, this

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This Jig can be used on almost all occasions, that’s why it is a good lure to always have in the arsenal.

This Jig will work great for both new and experienced fishermen, whatever casting technique you use, the shape and the color of the Jig will be good at attracting fishes however it swims.


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A small Jig at only 3/16 ounces and they come in 2 different colors. They are specialized for a stealthy approach and a diminutive presentation targeted to bass.

They arrive with a light weed guard, a 60-strand silicone skirt, and a 3/0 Mustad ultra point light wire hook that you could easily replace if you like to use your own hooks.

Dr.Fish Bucktail Jig

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The Dr-Fish Bucktail Jig works just as good in freshwater as in saltwater, they come some very good looking and attractive colors.

The bucktail is made in the USA and comes with some great durability and super sharp knives from the start. The lures will glide through and swim along really good in the water, and sink well.

That’s why these Jigs are great for jigging of the bottom.

Wtrees Jigs

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This kit is good because you will get 6 pieces of football jigs, and 2 crawfish Jigs to try out. These Jigs seem to have a really good quality to them. They come in big veracity of colors.

They come stock with some very sharp and durable hooks.

Plastic Worms

If you want to see we plastic worms are so much better than real worms you can check out my articel on that here.