I love fishing, it’s one of my absolute favorite hobbies. And i have learned so much over all the years that i wish that i knew from the begining, so that’s what i want to do here to save you some time of error and research on what is really the best fishing tricks and tips that you would need.

You need to know what time in the day is best for fishing and what type of lures that works best, so follow along this 11 fishing trick guide that actually works!

Use Google Maps

When i first started out i had a real trouble to find my own good, little fishing spots, google maps is perfect to scout the area and find good fishing places. You can easily find a lot of ponds, creeks and lakes by just go look around.

Bring A lot Of Different Baits

The problem that a lot of people has is that they only try to fish with one bait over and over again with no good result. You want to bring as much baits as you can, and try out all the different types, colors and shapes that you have. So you will start to learn what baits that work on that specific weather and water types and such.

Down Size Bait And Hook Size If Bait Is Stripping

When a fish is stripping the bait from your hook, you want to downsize either that bait or the hook. So many people do the wrong thing, every time the fish is stripping the bait, they just put on a bigger bait with the hope that the fish will think that the bait is easier to take, but it’s the opposite way.

So remember to try with a smaller bait the next time you’re having trouble with a fish that is stripping your bait. This will also work if you have been fishing for a while and you haven’t got any hooks, just downgrade your bate and pull the bait in a little bit slower and the bigger fishes will find interest in the bait.

Let Your Jig Hit The Bottom

When you are throwing out your jig, then remember to let it sink completely to the bottom before you pull it back in. The strike zone is usually at the bottom, and when you are slowly pulling your jig back in make sure to lightly shake your rod to mimic a real worm better.

Fishing In Deep Water

Remember that the fish’s best vision is at the top of the surface. The moment you go down below 50 feet in most coastal waters, the color spectrum becomes much narrower.

Always use your colourful lures near the surface of the water and your white and darker lures in the deep waters.

Throw Your Bait Where The Fish Are

When you are fishing bass you should know that bass loves to hang around around the covers because it helps to conceal them so they can easily ambush their prey.

They can also be in the open water, but it will be much harder to locate them if that’s the case. You want to fin a nice cover on the body of the water you are fishing in, like rocks, wood, boat docks, lily pads, grass and a bunch more places.

Remember to also use a lure that won’t get you stuck in all to cover when you try to pass them by.


One of the absolute best tips that you can get, is to start to experimenting at every chance you get. In order to get good at fishing and to learn what baits works in your specific conditions.

You have to make many mistakes and errors before you get good, everyone has to go through those mistakes.

A very good fisherman is always well rounded and knows and have tried many different types of techniques and have been fishing in a lot of different water, when you fish in different water bodies you have to adapt to that specific fishing conditions in order to get any fish.

Go outside of your fishing comfort zone to become a more versatile and better fishermen for it.

Understand The Weather Conditions

The weather conditions can have a dramatic effect on the fish’s behavior from day to day, and it can vary depending on what time it is.Getting to know how the fishes behave under all the different weather conditions is a very useful skill that will make you a very succesful fisherman.

Most fishes are cold blooded, and they can’t regulate their body temperature. That means that they are forced to change their metabolism to the water temperature around them.

In warm waters they are much more active and they need significantly more food to survive, so they will hunt more and take more chances on your bait. In cold water fishes tend to slow down and generally need less food to support themselves.

That doesn’t mean you can’t catch a fish when its cold outside, it just means that the fishes are more active when i’s warmer in the water.

Water temperature can change in a couple of different ways, you got slow shifting temperatures caused by the amount of sunligt a body of water receives over a period of time. But that doesn’t have a tremendous impact on the water temperature in the short term.

What can change the water temperature fast, is rainfall.

When it rained, the fresh water pours into the body of water, quickly changing its temperature. The smaller the body of water is the faster the temperature will change.

In colder weathers, the fishes will be slower, so you want to use a bait that should be slow moving as well, and when you’re going out fishing when its warmer you want to use a bait that goes faster.

Become An Expert In Tying Knots

It can’t be more frustrating when you have been fishing for a while and finally get a bite, and your knot goes upp so you lose both your bait and your fish that finally bit. You need to know how to tie a knot like an expert, find your favorite knot and train to tie it over and over again until you can do it perfect every time, and make sure to test it before you put in into action.

Rod Sensitivety

Rod sensitivity is often talked about when you are picking out a new fishing rod. Sensitivity is a very important attribute that your rod needs, it’s how well you can feel when you get a bite, or when you are scraping the bottom of the river with your bait.

One material that is considered one of the most sensitive rods is graphite rods. They have the ability to transmit vibrations to the hand in a superior way compared to the other materials.

But choosing the right rod material won’t guarantee that you will have a sensitive rod. How to rod blank is designed and finished will also affect your rod hugely.

The stiffer the fiber, the less material needs, softer fibers require thicker walls than higher modulus would need to lift the same amount of weight. The lees material that is being used will make tha frequency easier to transmit down the rod in your hand.

Fish At The Right Time Of The Day

When you are fishing bass its usually best in the spring in their pre spawn, when the temperature is around 55-65 degrees outside. The best time of the day for fishing bass is in the morning or later in the evening when it’s a little bit colder outside, at some times even midday if it’s a cloudy weather and or if the water is muddy.

So in the summer the best time to go out and fish is in the early mornings and late evenings, and in the spring and fall, it’s best to go out around dusk to fish.

If you are located in the southern parts of the U.S you can often catch fish all year round, so don’t let the winter hold you back at any point, it’s still a good time to fish. Wintertime is a good time for ice fishing.

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